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Business Development Manager, Destination Sales & Marketing Group

The Business Development Manager (BDM) will be educating employers and residential communities about the I66 Commuter Choice program in order to implement transportation programs that incentivize individuals to consider and use transportation options such as: vanpooling, bus, Metro, VRE, biking, walking, carpooling, car sharing, Capital Bikeshare, telework, compressed work weeks, and flexible scheduling.

Research Analyst, Mobility Lab

We are looking for a full-time professional who will utilize his or her analytical skills to support sustainable transportation. The Research Analyst will be part of Mobility Lab’s effort to further integrate program evaluation and measurement research into the day-to-day work of Arlington County Commuter Services (ACCS), a transportation demand management (TDM) bureau that provides Arlington residents, employees, businesses, and visitors with transportation information and services to support a vibrant and livable community. The Research Analyst will expand Mobility Lab’s in-house capacity for collecting, analyzing, and synthesizing data, as well as making informed, evidence-based, data-driven recommendations for ACCS programs. The Research Analyst will add knowledge of quantitative-research data collection, statistics, and data management.