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Communications Specialist, Capital Bikeshare Arlington

We are seeking a communications or marketing professional to promote Capital Bikeshare as part of an active transportation team for local government and regional bikeshare system. The Communications Specialist will plan and execute marketing campaigns and outreach opportunities to increase awareness and customer adoption of Capital Bikeshare.

Curriculum Writer, Arlington Transportation Partners

We seek a Curriculum Writer who will develop a program aimed at third through fifth graders that teaches them how to be life-long users of public and active transportation, which includes walking and biking. Learning at a young age how to walk, bike, and ride transit to fulfill transportation needs, helps students understand the different impacts mobility choices have on them personally, as well as foster independence.

Business Development Manager, Destination Sales & Marketing Group

The Business Development Manager (BDM) will be educating employers and residential communities about the I-66 Commuter Choice program in order to implement transportation programs that incentivize individuals to consider and use transportation options such as: vanpooling, bus, Metro, VRE, biking, walking, carpooling, car sharing, Capital Bikeshare, telework, compressed work weeks, and flexible scheduling.

Outreach & Event Intern, BikeArlington and WalkArlington

We are seeking an event and outreach intern with a genuine passion for active transportation and biking as well as a burning desire to share the message with others. The Event and Outreach Intern will collaborate and assist BikeArlington, WalkArlington, and Capital Bikeshare programs with increasing awareness of the benefits of biking and walking in Arlington through inā€person outreach initiatives.

Program Manager, BikeArlington

The successful candidate will have a genuine passion for active transportation and biking as well as a burning desire to share the message with others in person and online. The candidate will be fully knowledgeable on the latest best practices in bike advocacy and will seek to make Arlington a world class bicycling city that serves people from age 8 to 88. The candidate will lead biking education and encouragement initiatives in Arlington, be engaged with the cycling community, provide customer service and guidance, and connect staff, contractors, residents, guests, and community partners with each other.