DS&MG works to bring the best in transportation demand management to all clients and programs.

Creating opportunities and connecting communities.

DS&MG works with a variety of clients in the Metropolitan DC region including Arlington County to better connect commuters to transportation options. Through Arlington Transportation Partners and previously with goDCgo for the District Department of Transportation, DS&MG is able to provide expert TDM advice for employers, residents and visitors.

The Destination Sales & Marketing Group also works at the national level to provide thought leadership in the field of TDM through our research group Mobility Lab and the national Association of Commuter Transportation.


Champions 2017-2018 Schools Video

Celebrating all the amazing transportation programs and efforts of Arlington Public Schools in Arlington, Virginia.

Moedify Instructional Video

Instructional video explaining the benefits of Modeify, a digital tool designed to help companies with their transportation demand management strategy.

TDM ROI Calculator

Introducing policymakers, funders, planners, and employers to a proven way to calculate ROI from TDM programs.

The Switch Episode 2 video

ATP and Mobility Lab assist Virginia Hospital Center in their commute options through technology.

Champions 2017 Highlight video

Honoring Arlington Transportation Partners’ Champions from 2017 for their commitment to sustainable transit.

The High Cost of Free Parking

Hidden parking rules hurt our cities. Will Chilton and Paul Mackie of Mobility Lab explain.

The Switch: Teachers Leave Behind Their Lonesome Commutes

The Switch, Part 1 – Mobility Lab’s series on how everyday Americans can rethink their transportation options.

Champions 2016 Banquet Recap

Honoring 2016 Champions for their commitment to sustainable transportation in Arlington County.

What is TDM? Shaping a New Era of Tranportation Options

The idea of transportation demand management, or TDM, unites our research and coverage at Mobility Lab.

Arlington Passages

A series of six videos dedicated to Arlington residents and their love of biking.

Filling Up Seats in Cars: The Future of Driving

As driving attitudes, data, and technology change, it’s becoming easier for people to share rides and ease congestion.

A Vision Shared

Arlington’s smart growth policies and success stem from decades of planning and collaboration.

Join a Vanpool

Get an easier commute to Arlington, VA when you join a vanpool.

BikeSwell: A Movement

A 30-minute documentary showing steps taken in Arlington, VA to become a more bike-friendly city.

TransportationCamp: What Excites You?

Mobility Lab asks innovators which projects will make the future of transportation better.

Energizing People About the Future of Public Transportation

Discussing which exciting trends need to happen and which ones are likely to happen this year and beyond.

Energizing People to Reimagine Our Cities

Discussing how big trends take hold, and how people and leaders can make big things happen.

Ballston and the Silver Line: A Big Opportunity

A tour with the Ballston BID to see how transportation-oriented development is helping one area in the DC region.

Live, Work and Prosper: Activity Centers in the DC Region

The first of two videos produced to describe the DC region’s “activity centers” project.

Livibility: The Case for Activity Centers in the DC Region

Mobility Lab and MWCOG partner to bring you how transportation and planning are transforming the area.

People First: The Future of Transportation in America

Highlights from former US Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood’s appearance at Mobility Lab’s 2013 event.

Transportation Solutions for Aging in Auto-Centric America

Action needed on public transportation training for retired drivers.